I am a Nebraskan, an advocate for working families, and current president of the Omaha School Board. I believe in the power of public service and in pursuing the Good Life for all—that’s why I am running to represent Legislative District 9.

As your representative I'm focused on three BIG policy ideas:

Protect Public Schools

Nebraskans take pride in our public schools. Strong public schools are the foundation for our commitment to the future of our children, our state workforce. 


  • INCREASE funding for public education, special education, student mental health services, and universal Pre-K programs.
  • OPPOSE legislation to allow formation of charter schools or private/parochial voucher programs, which funnel public funds for private interests.
  • INCREASE teacher pay. Teachers are the most important part of our public school infrastructure, and it’s time for a raise.
  • OPPOSE efforts to manipulate the school funding formula (TEEOSA) to balance the state budgets.
  • INCREASE  funding for mental health services and special education for ALL Nebraska public schools.

Expand Equity

“Equality before the law” is  Nebraska’s motto. We can, and I will, do more to bring policy creating a level playing field for working Nebraskans and those most in need. 


  • INCREASE equitable treatment of marginalized communities through workplace protections, bans on so-called conversion therapy, protecting a woman’s right to choose.
  • ENSURE access to quality, affordable healthcare services, including the right to access quality, safe, and evidence-based reproductive healthcare.
  • RAISE the state’s minimum wage to a livable wage, period.
  • EXPAND public transit through investment in mass transportation infrastructure, pedestrian trails, bike lanes, etc.
  • ELIMINATE barriers for 90,000 Nebraskans approved for Medicaid expansion, including access to primary/specialist care, dental and vision coverage, as well as prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
  • ENSURE a living wage and benefits for working families. No Nebraskan working 40 hours per week should be forced to work two, three jobs to make ends meet.
  • EXPAND availability of affordable/missing middle housing. Nebraskans should never be forced out of their neighborhoods because they can’t keep pace with rising rent, property values/taxes.
  • ELIMINATE obstacles for Nebraska’s small business entrepreneurs to access the same advantages as larger competitors, including incentivizing first-time loans.
  • INCREASE the use of renewable energy, environmental impact plans for public projects.


Provide Tax Relief/Reform

Nebraska’s tax system is broken. The ultra wealthy are not paying their fair share. I will fight to close the gap. 
  • INCREASE sources of tax revenue, including legalized gambling, cannabis, as well as increased incremental taxation on Nebraska’s wealthiest four percent.
  • ELIMINATE the state’s overreliance on property taxes to support funding of public schools, allowing for lower property taxes for a  majority of working Nebraskans.
  • FREEZE property tax valuations for veterans, seniors, and those living with disabilities.
  • EXPAND the use of sunset clauses and claw-backs to prevent runaway corporate tax giveaways. Review/return $460 million in sales and use tax exemptions for big business.
  • ELIMINATE obstacles for Nebraska’s small business entrepreneurs to access the same advantages as larger competitors, including incentivizing first-time loans.