I am a Nebraskan, an advocate for working families, and current president of the Omaha School Board. I believe in the power of public service and in pursuing the Good Life for all—that’s why I am running to represent Legislative District 9.

As your representative, I will:

Protect Public Schools

I will advocate for increased funding for public education, special education, student mental health services, and universal Pre-K programs. I will ask for funds to increase teacher pay, teachers are the most important part of our public schools and it’s time we give them a raise. 

Support Small Business

I will work to ensure Nebraskan entrepreneurs have access to the same advantages as their larger competitors. I will bring legislation that incentivize banks to give first time loans to new businesses and entrepreneurs. Nebraska needs to expand the Nebraska College Loan Forgiveness Program to include in-demand careers. 

Retain Nebraskans

I will work to expand the Nebraska College Loan Forgiveness program along with making sure that we are attracting new, high paying jobs to Nebraska. I will work to increase affordable and missing middle housing. Along with fighting for statewide LGBTQ employment nondiscrimination. 

Strengthen Communities

We must assure all members of our communities have access to the Good Life through education, public transit, healthcare services, and a healthy environment. Another important issue that citizen’s are facing in District 9 is access to affordable and middle housing. With the prices of housing sky rocketing it is time the Legislature did something to make sure everyone in Nebraska can afford a safe place to live. 

Property Tax Relief 

I will introduce legislation that freezes the property tax evaluations for those over 65 and/or unable to work. By increasing state aid to schools it will help schools reduce their dependence on local property taxes. Nebraska spends the second lowest per child in the country. The State needs to live up to it’s promise to provide a free education to all Nebraska children and fully fund state aid to schools.  Governor Ricketts supports private/charter schools, these schools will lead to higher property taxes to make up for the lost revenue that goes to these private schools. I will oppose any legislation that seeks to take money away from our public schools and gives it to private schools. 

Fight for the Rights of all Nebraskans 

I will fight to pass the LGBTQ non-discrimination law for the entire state of Nebraska. Senator Megan Hunt has introduced legislation that will ban the use of conversion therapy in Nebraska. This bill is vital to ban a piece of debunked therapy that only hurts members of the LGBTQ community and needs to be banned. 

Expand Access to Public Transportation 

One way that Nebraska can continue to be place for all people to live in is to increase our access to public transportation that is both affordable and quality. Public transportation is vital for Omaha and Nebraska’s continued growth and I will champion legislation that will help cities offer public transportation. 

Increase Revenue and Invest in Our Community 

Currently our tax system is broken. The ultra wealthy are not paying their fair share of taxes and I will fight to close the gap. Nebraska also has $460 million in sales and use tax exemptions most of which focus on helping big business and not Nebraska families. I will introduce a bill that sunsets these and brings this missing revenue back to the state.  

Increase Access to Renewable Energy

Nebraska is far behind its neighbors when it comes to renewable energy. I will work everyone to increase the amount of renewable energy that is focused on bringing good and high paying jobs to Nebraska. Nebraska can do better and I will work with all parties to make sure Nebraska leads the country in renewable energy. 

Make Mental Health Services and Special Education a Priority 

The number one issues facing our teachers is a lack of access to mental health services and special education. The State should be helping to fund these services and is not living up to the needs our teachers and professionals. I will introduce legislation that will increase the funding for Special Education and mental health services not just in our schools but in our state. 

Fix the OPS Pension Shortfall 

Stand Up to Outside Influence and Listen to Constituents

For too long the Legislature has been listening to the concerns of lobbyist and outside interests. I will make sure that my constituents voice is heard. I will have an open door policy and have meet and greets in the district so I can hear from YOU! 


Support Workers

We need to raise the wage. Period. Nebraskan’s are struggling to get by. We raised the wage overwhelmingly in 2014 and we have seen the cost of living continue to go up with no action by the Legislature to increase wages. I will also get rid of the tipped minimum wage that unfairly treats people who work for tips. I will also support policies like Paid Family Leave, workers compensation for those injured in the workplace and the right to organize and collectively bargain the state of Nebraska. 


Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Policies like the Missing Middle Housing Act are important pieces of legislation that will help increase access to quality AND affordable housing. In District 9 we have seen an increase in housing that puts living a comfortable and good life out of reach. I will work with the Legislature and the City of Omaha to come up with policies that help with growth of our community but also make it affordable to live here.